Squad Squad Training DUMP

Squad School

  • Basic combat skills Leaning
  • Advanced Positioning
  • Situational awareness
  • How to Act and React when getting contact

Squad Leader - Fire Team Leader

Light Anti Tank - Heavy Anti Tank

Machine Gunner - Automatic Rifleman

  • Squad Machine Gunner Guide | Kit Overview, Positioning, Ranging, & Gameplay Tips


  • Squad Grenadier Guide | Kit Overview, Gameplay Tips and Tricks, and Strategies for Grenadiers


  • Squad Medic Guide | Keep Your Team Alive and Kicking

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Extra Info

  • Squad Terms and Acronyms You NEED to Know
  • Can't Shoot What You Can't See | Squad Smoke Guide
  • The Tactic EVERY Player Should Know | Squad Beginner's Guide

Armor Tips & Tricks



  • Squad Helicopter Guide | Advanced Tips and Tactics
  • Squad Helicopter Guide | The Basics | J-Hook Landings, Flight controls, and Gameplay Tips
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